Sticky Notes has a built-in hassle-free updater utility. This utility aims towards making your update experience quick and smooth.

Please make sure you backup your old Sticky Notes source files and the database before starting with the update process.

Updating the files

The update process is slightly different when upgrading from an older version of Sticky Notes prior to 1.0, and the update scenarios are discussed below. However, in both scenarios, you need to download the latest Sticky Notes version from here and extract the archive.

If you are using a git repository clone to manage your Sticky Notes instance, please don't forget to do a git checkout tags/<version> after pulling the latest copy off GitHub. This is to ensure that you don't end up installing an untested development version of the application on your server.

From version 1.x or higher

Overwrite the old Sticky Notes files in your web root with the contents of the downloaded archive.

From version 0.4

Move the old code files to any different location so that you are left with an empty directory. Now copy over the new Sticky Notes files to your web root (or wherever your old code resided earlier). Follow the database configuration steps mentioned in the installation guide.

Important: If you wish to migrate your old site settings (antispam, email, authentication and general site settings), place your old config.php inside the new version's app/config folder before running the updater.

From version 0.3 or lower

Currently, the updater does not support versions older than 0.4; so if you have 0.1 through 0.3 installed, you cannot use the automatic updater to migrate to the latest version of Sticky Notes.

Running the updater

This is the simple part: all you need to do is visit (your Sticky Notes site) and you should be automatically taken to the update utility. Sticky Notes automatically detects the installed version. However, it is strongly recommended that you verify that the correct version is selected.

If you see The site is undergoing maintenance message, log into Sticky Notes with your administrator account. On the update screen, click on Start update and the installer will update your database to the newest version.

The updater is designed to be incremental in nature. So for instance, if you are running version 0.4 and wish to upgrade to 1.7, you don't need to worry about the versions in between; the updater will automatically apply the database changes from all intermediate versions.