This section highlights the add-on services offered by Sticky Notes and the configuration involved in enabling those features.


Project Honeypot is an initiative to identify spammers and harvesters and stop them from invading your site. Sticky Notes integrates with Project Honeypot out-of-the-box and all you need to do is to get an API key here. Once you have your API key, go to Admin → Spam filters in your site, fill in the API key and enable the plugin.

URL shortener

Sticky Notes utilizes the URL shortener API. This adds a "Get short URL" button to the paste pages. To enable this service, get your Google API Key from the Google Developers Console and set it in Admin → Services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps track visitors to your site. Sticky Notes comes with out of the box support for Analytics. You can get your Google Analytics tracking ID from the Google Analytics website and set it in Admin → Services to enable visitor tracking.

Google oAuth 2.0

Sticky Notes supports oAuth 2.0 authentication with your Google Identity. For setting up oAuth 2.0 with Google, you'll need to generate a client ID and client secret at the Google Developers Console and set it up in Admin → Authentication → oAuth. Please refer to the APIs Console Help page for instructions on how to obtain your client ID and secret. Please use as the Redirect URI while generating the client credentials.


Akismet is a powerful spam protection service that filters out comment and track-back spam. Sticky Notes has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Akismet involving a quick and easy setup. First, you need to obtain your Akismet API key from their signup page. Once you have your key, enter it in the Admin → Spam filters → Akismet section and enable Akismet by checking the Enable this filter box.

Project pastebins

If you are setting up a pastebin for your organization and want different projects to have their own dedicated paste area, all you need is a tiny bit of configuration and you're done! To use this service, you need to set up a wildcard DNS record in your zones file to point to the same nameserver. See this Wikipedia article for details.

Once set up, visiting will provide that project a dedicated namespace with archives and other lists showing entries made for that project only. However, visiting will display data from all projects including the ones directly made to the root site itself.

CLI configuration editor

Sticky Notes allows you to view and modify configuration data directly from your terminal. To view command usage, please type php artisan snconfig:[get|set] --help in your terminal.

Important: This command is for advanced users only. Please backup your config table to be safe and use this command at your own risk! Unfortunately, no support will be provided if you lose any config data due to improper use of this command.

Other services

Sticky Notes comes with a whole big list of features that "just work" and don't require any configuration - however, most services provide you full control so that you can choose not to use them. For example, you can choose to disable one or more antispam filters from the admin panel of your site. You can choose to disable visual verification for users registering on your site by disabling the captcha module from the Admin → Authentication → Database screen, and even completely stop users from registering if you want to create users manually from the Manage users screen of the admin panel.

If you have any questions on Sticky Notes or if you would like to have a new functionality implemented, please create a ticket here.